January 2020  
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And God says...
 The End of the Game
 Christmas Joy
 Christmas Peace
 A Personal Savior
  Detestable Government
 Man's Wisdom Impotent
 No Favoritism
 Homosexuality a Perversion
 The Weather
 Ron Kind Support of Homosexual Marriage
 Mercy is Costly
 Sabbath's Rest
 The Resurrection Hope
 The Sting of Death
 The Mind of Man
 Seasons Ordained
 Helmet of Salvation
 Corrupt Government
 Injustice in Taxes
 Connecticut Killings
 Spiritual Deception
 Our Shaky Nation
 Politics or Spritual War
 God's Footprints
 God Of Justice
 Foundations Destroyed
 The Bible-A Book of Stories
 God's Perfect Love
 Illegitimate Children
 Easter 2012
 Envious and Self-Seeking Culture
 God is Our Hope
 Greatest Hope
 God Does not Change
 Thankful Living
 The Winning Bet
 Speak in the Assembly
 Marriage with Purpose
 Homosexual Legislation
 McGuffy Reader
 Marriage Facts
 Our Freedoms Threatened
 Sudden Destruction
 Alpha and Omega
 You'll be Good Enough
 The Truth Out of Balance
 God's Word Non-Negotiable
 The Envious and Self-seeking Culture
 Obama Blame Game
 No Replay
 Think on These Things
 Man's Violence
 Greenhouse Gas
 Film-Come What May-Abortion
 God a Crutch
 Faith In God's Power
 False Accusations
 Memorial Day
 Test the Spirits
 Boast in the Lord
 Homeland Security
 The God Who Wasn't There
 Triumphal Entry
 Furture Hope
 Freedom Lost or Won
 Eternal Hope
 Easter Truth
 Haggard Deception
 Unbaised Reporting
 Political Correctness Meanings
 Spiritual Moorings
 Happy New Year
 Meaniing of Christmas
 Athiest Christmas Display